Top 15 Health Benefits of Coconut Water You Didn’t Know

Benefits of Coconut Water: Coconut water is as tasty as it is beneficial in terms of health. Coconut water, coconut oil , coconut milk all have many health benefits. Here we will learn the health benefits of drinking coconut water. Coconut water not only quenches our thirst but also prevents dehydration, fuels the brain and muscle, has anti-aging properties, aids in digestion, boosts immunity, protects the heart and urinary tract, has high quantities of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and enzymes, alkalizes the body and improves blood circulation.

Health Benefits of Coconut Water

Health Benefits of Coconut Water

Health Benefits of Coconut Water

1) Lose weight : Coconut water has very very low-fat content. So Coconut water can be consumed daily without the fear of getting fat. Coconut water also reduces hunger because after drinking coconut water your tummy feels full thereby preventing you from eating more.

2) For glowing skin: People having acne ,or blemishes can apply coconut water on those areas which have the capacity to clear those and gives a toned skin. Coconut water when taken orally keeps the skin moist and helps to excrete large amounts of oil. This is the reason why many face creams, conditioners, lotions, and shampoos have coconut extracts.

3) Low in sugar : Contain high quantities of electrolytes which keep the body hydrated and maintain proper function of muscle.

4) Fights against stress

5 ) Increases Metabolism in the body

6) Prevents Ageing- Balances pH levels in the body and keeps your skin hydrated, healthy and strong thereby preventing ageing

7) Lowers the risk of Heart Attacks and improves blood circulation-

Coconut oil is good for heart even though it has saturated fats. Saturated fats present in coconut water don’t cause harm and don’t increase LDL Cholesterol. They have lauric acid which helps to prevent high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels in the body. We can see this in areas where coconuts are the dietary staple, there are lesser incidences of high blood pressure or high cholesterol.

8) Useful for pregnant ladies: Doctors recommend coconut water for pregnant ladies as it relieves heartburn and constipation.

9) Coconut water is rich in potassium and other vital minerals. Coconut water rehydrates and replenishes our body.

10) Helpful for diabetics: Coconut water can be taken by diabetic people as they have abundant nutrients and keeps blood sugar levels in control

11) Fights skin problems: Apply Coconut water on the skin having acne, wrinkles, cellulite or stretch marks and keep it overnight. Follow this process for two to three weeks and you can see the change it brings. Coconut water fights against these impurities and gives you a youthful skin.

12) Anti viral properties: Coconut water fights against some viral infections like herpes or flu due to its anti viral action. It also fights against bacteria.

13) Rich source of Electrolytes: Coconut water has rich electrolytes like chlorides, magnesium, and potassium along with sugar, protein, and sodium which are important for overall health of the body.

14) Prevents Renal stones: Coconut water due to its high amounts of minerals, magnesium, potassium, reduces the risk of renal stones.

15) Boost Immunity: Coconut water improves immunity levels in the body fighting against many infections. The lauric acid which is a medium chain fatty acid present in coconut water fights against fungus, virus, and bacteria. It is also effective against HIV, herpes, hepatitis C, Candida albicans etc.

Coconut water when taken directly from the coconut tree has the low caloric value of about 46 calories for one cup. Even though coconut water has about one-fifth of the sugar content when compared to other fruit juices it is still sweeter and much tastier than any other fruit juices. There are many coconut based drinks available in the stores which have high sugar content. So, see the label while you are purchasing those drinks for the sugar content. Coconut water is good to replace for those high-calorie drinks available in the market which not only is good for health but also to help to lose weight. Cut down your soda and start taking fresh coconut juice now.

Isotonic to Human Plasma – Coconut water is isotonic to plasma of humans and can be used in emergency situations to quickly rehydrate when to give by the intravenous route. This practice is done in third world countries to save many human lives

Which Coconut to consume ?

Before you purchase coconut see that the coconut is green in colour and has the fresh look and not the dried and hard shell ones. Once shake the coconut up and down and you can test how much water it contains and buy a fresh coconut which will contain lot of coconut water

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