6 Major Health Benefits Of Cold Showers

Benefits Of Cold Showers : Many people love to have a shower, but only few love to have cold water shower. But still many nations practice cold showers. Either cold water shower or alternate cold or hot water showers have many great health advantages. Once upon a time People suffering from Rheumatism, chronic pain and asthma used to have cold water immersions and they used to have relief. Cold water has many benefits like decreasing chronic pain, body aches, improves sleep, Regulates uric acid levels in the body, reduces swelling and inflammation etc. Below are some of the major health benefits of Cold water showers from GetMyHealthTips.com

6 Major Health Benefits Of Cold Showers

benefits of cold showers, cold shower benefits

benefits of cold showers, cold shower benefits

Cold Shower Benefits

1)Aids in Weight Loss

Cold Showers burns the unwanted fat in your body and helps in losing weight : Our body has 2 types of Fat- white fat and brown fat. White fat is unwanted fat which gets deposited in areas like waist, neck, lower back, thighs. White fat is produced when we consume more calories than what is required for the body. In contrast to White fat, brown fat helps to burn calories in the body. Brown fat gets activated when exposed to cold which makes the body warm. In this way, when you take Cold showers, Brown fat in the body gets activated burning fat along with increasing metabolic rate leading to weight loss.

2) Energy Boost Post-workOut

Cold Showers helps in boosting the body and gives energy to the body after exercise. Hence, most of the athletes after heavy vigorous exercise take a cold shower to give them the instant boost.

3)Protect from Common Cold

Most of the common colds are caused by viruses. When you get attacked by the common cold, cold shower boosts immunity in the body by releasing white blood cells which fight against common cold-causing viruses.

4)Improves Blood Circulation and Lowers Blood Pressure

Cold water improves peripheral blood circulation and also redirects blood to vital organs like skin, heart etc. This leads to blood surrounding the vital organs which help to fight against problems related to skin , heart. Cold water when touches the body, has the ability to effectively pump blood through the arteries and clear the blocked blood vessels. This helps to lower the blood pressure.

5)Fights against Depression

Cold shower reduces the depressive effect. The reason behind this is simple. Exposure to cold activates the sympathetic nervous system in the body. Sympathetic Nervous system activation leads to the release of nor adrenaline (NE) and beta-endorphins in the body in the nerve terminals in the brain. Complementing to this there are higher numbers of cold receptors in the skin. Hence, when we do cold shower, excess electrical impulses are discharged from peripheral nerve endings to the brain which dampens the depression acting as an Anti depressive.

6)Prevents Acne and Gives shiny hair

Cold water has an amazing property to cuticles and skin pores. This prevents dirt to get clogged in skin thereby preventing acne. Cold showers also make your hair shiny and smooth.

Cold Shower Strategy to follow

You will get the most benefit out of cold water shower when you follow wisely. Initially start with warm water as you normally would do daily. Now turn off the hot water for the last 20 to 30 seconds. Now pump and flex your muscles to circulate more blood flow and heat. Initially, Begin with warm water then slowly switch to cold water by slowly lowering the temperature. By doing this constantly your body will get adapted to cold water and you can get maximum health benefits.

So cold water even costs less than hot water, then why not give it a try if you have any of the above health problems ?

Not to Forget the contraindications of Cold Shower-

Don’t take cold shower during the following conditions:
a) Pregnancy
b) Suffering from Heart problems like arrhythmia or having artificial pacemaker
C) Adrenal Fatigue

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